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The colors of an Indian government hospital

The colors of an Indian government hospital

Around me, rows of white-railed beds fight each other for space. Colorful, thin blankets drape the beds’ inhabitants, children and women and men curled up in balls, lungs rasping as they attempt to suck in air without oxygen masks. Their wrists and elbows reveal brown, unbroken skin, conspicuously missing the needles and wires that would indicate infusions of IV fluids. There is no money for…

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On Being Lost

A proverbial phrase says, “Not all who those who wander are lost.”

I am somewhat suspicious that the person who first devised this phrase was a brilliant, albeit directionally-challenged soul, who, in an interview for some important ancient Roman military position, was asked to explain his weaknesses. Being no doubt well-versed in “Interviewing for Dummies edition. 1 BC,” he knew to paint his…

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